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This lesson was a good review and reinforcement lesson of a previous taught skill.  The kids were made aware of the importance of pronouns (and lack of them.)  What I noticed throughout the year after this lesson was their varied word choice.  One student made mention of, "a nice balance of pronouns and not pronouns" as we discussed her "Our World Has Issues: Can the Kids Help?" essay.  First- she was right.  Her paper was nicely written with sentence structure and word choice, and second- I was very happy to hear her refer to a past lesson, indicating its effectiveness almost a month later.

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  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Teacher Reflection
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Pronoun Pros

Unit 4: Grammar Greats
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: TSWBAT recognize the importance of pronouns in language by omitting them.

Big Idea: A variety of story pictures + pronoun lesson = an appreciation for pronouns!

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