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I am really glad that I have added the book club component to my class.  I feel like it really meets the needs of my advanced readers because they are the ones that typically want to participate.  I can give them books at a higher lexile that I am unable to use with the typical 6th grader.  Through book club, they also have the opportunity to have higher level discussions with their peers.  Both book club and book talk promote the listening and speaking standards of Common Core.  The most important part of these two activities to me is seeing kids really get excited about reading.  That twinkle in the eye that I see when the students really connect with a piece of literature is so priceless to me.  

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We love books!

Unit 1: The First Week of School
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT discuss a book that they have enjoyed and listen to other students' recommendations. .

Big Idea: Promote the joy of reading in your classroom.

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book love
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