Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge To Add me is to Subtract Me - Section 5: Solving Equations on the White Board


We had been working with hands on equations to develop a concrete understanding of equations and it was time to move towards a more mathematical, abstract approach.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear several of my students refer to their Algebraic terminology which is part of 6.EE.A.2b: identifying the parts of an expression.  

One student said, "it seems we are always subtracting the constant".  Another students said " I get it, we always have to work on the side with the variable because we want to get the variable by itself".

During my presentation of this lesson, I constantly had them thinking about how we pictorially represented this. It was very nice to hear them make these abstract connections on their own.

I was one proud teacher!

  Using MP 7 and MP 8
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Using MP 7 and MP 8
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To Add me is to Subtract Me

Unit 7: Equations
Lesson 2 of 14

Objective: SWBAT solve addition equations.

Big Idea: Solving equations supports algebraic thinking which is needed for high school and beyond.

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