Reflection: Shared Expectations Is It a Poem? - Section 3: Getting Down to Business


This is the kind of activity that can be so amazing and make you remember why you wanted to be a teacher in the first place, or this is the kind of activity that makes you want to give up on the whole thing and go work in a cubicle... it all depends on how you manage your classroom.

There are those days when I want my students to sit and WORK QUIETLY, but I have to remind myself that they are seventh graders and they actually do better and learn more when I work with their natural tendencies rather than against them.

To that end, telling them that this activity is all about writing notes to their friends usually works really well to pique their interest.  Though I have to remind them once or twice that the activity is called Silent Conversations, once they get into it they tend to work quietly.

Doing lessons like these reminds me of how much fun it can be to teach middle school as long as you use their chattiness to serve your own devilish, educational ends!

  They're all out of their chairs!
  Shared Expectations: They're all out of their chairs!
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Is It a Poem?

Unit 13: Introduction to Poetry
Lesson 8 of 12

Objective: SWBAT write for purpose of having a silent discussion with their peers.

Big Idea: Is this a poem? Are you sure?

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