Reflection: Modeling Apples and Oranges are as Different as Numerals - Section 2: Whole Group Interaction


I have learned it is very important when I present a new game to my students that it is not enough just to tell them how to do it. Also, it is difficult to pick students and tell them what to do and have the motions and instructions followed well enough for other students to understand. My solution to this is to  pick someone to be my partner and have my students gather around me. I show my partner how to play the game and we play several rounds together. After this I have my students pair up and begin the game together and I walk the room to check for understanding.

  Modeling: Presenting the Card Game
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Apples and Oranges are as Different as Numerals

Unit 1: Ordering Numbers
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT compare two two-digit numbers and record results using >, <, and = .

Big Idea: We're not just comparing apples to oranges. My students are comparing numbers based on the meaning of the tens and ones place. They will use the symbols for greater than, less than, and equals to, to record their results.

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Math, Comparing Numbers, First Grade
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