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I passed back ungraded quizzes because I wanted them to see their own progress and evaluate themselves. They used checking pens and graded their own papers as I solved each problem on the board. The discussion was lengthy and questions were rich. We discussed reasonableness of answers and checking using the inverse.

As quizzes were graded, I noted that a handful of my students had various issues going on. One student is not thinking through what it means to subtract. She is trying to subtract larger numbers from smaller ones and therefore missing the whole concept that division is repeated subtraction.

Other students were forgetting to regroup. Subtraction appears to still be very weak with my lower students. Knowing that, I need to spiral around and work on subtraction with them again using or other apps on their iPads.

I was impressed with some of the conceptual writing, however. It was pleasing to see that some students wrote in depth about understanding how division and multiplication are related. They used words from the word bank correctly.

Prior to CCSS, I would not have bothered to assess their written responses. I would not have demanded an explanation of concepts. I used to teach  them only  "how" to solve. It's rigorous to have to write in depth about mathematical understanding.

This Educreations video shows some work of students who need help and intervention, and some whose writing is coming along nicely as well as their conceptual understanding.


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Division: Quiz 1: Assessing division of 2,3, &4 digit by one digit divisors

Unit 9: Division Unit
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Objective: SWBAT show they can divide up to 4 digits by one digit and explain the relationship between division and multiplication.

Big Idea: Students write solutions to 2, 3, & 4 digit by one digit equations using rectangular sections (box) method. They show and explain the relationship between division and multiplication.

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