Reflection: High Quality Task Solving Linear Equations in Two Variables - Section 6: Exit Ticket and Homework: Revisiting the Cash Register Problem


This lesson is fantastic in terms of social skills development. The reason I say this is it starts with an analysis of an other, in this case a very safe other, namely a student who does not exist and isn't in their class. This way students can be more open about asking questions about the reasoning of the other student. Then students are asked to go from an other perspective to a self-critique, which is always more difficult. When teaching concepts to students on the Autism Spectrum, we strived to first present a scenario from an other perspective (a story about reciprocity involving other students, for example) before having students think about their own understanding and implementation of the concept of reciprocity. I think that strategy translates well to the math classroom, and is elegantly developed and rolled out by the Math Assessment Project in this Classroom Challenge!


  Social Skills and Mathematical Practices
  High Quality Task: Social Skills and Mathematical Practices
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Solving Linear Equations in Two Variables

Unit 4: Making Informed Decisions with Systems of Equations
Lesson 6 of 12

Objective: SWBAT solve problems involving two linear equations in two variables. SWBAT interpret the meaning of algebraic expressions.

Big Idea: This MAP Classroom Challenge provides students with an engaging and thought-provoking activity about notebooks, pens and cash registers to learn about solving equations in two variables!

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