Reflection: Pacing Can People Really Change? Analyzing Pip in the Final Scenes To Find Out - Section 2: Reading the Last Two Chapters


Just as I suspected, I did slow down the reading today, which means that we did not completely finish the novel. Two pages left. Two. We were so close, but I decided not to rush it. A very hard decision indeed. It has been a long haul: Dickens is no joke and teaching this text requires constant questioning and scaffolding. Both the students are I are ready to move on, but I knew that if we rushed through the ending, all of our other work over the last two months would be for not. They need to truly grasp how each struggle and wrong-turn has made Pip a better, stronger man. The same is true for Estella. The characters who accept their short-comings are happy in the end; the ones who torture others are unhappy still. An easy, but important lesson.

We have less time for the activity this afternoon, but at least they will have a firm grasp on the conclusion and can use that knowledge in their theme statements.  

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Can People Really Change? Analyzing Pip in the Final Scenes To Find Out

Unit 5: Great Expectations: Pulling Everything Together
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Objective: SWBAT analyze how complex characters develop over the course of a text, interact with other characters, and develop the theme by reading the last two paragraphs of Great Expectations and discussing Pip's growth.

Big Idea: Will Pip ever make the right choices and find happiness? Let's find out.

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