Reflection: ELL Students The Story of Ruby Bridges - Section 2: Reading Ruby Bridges


For my students who may be reading on a lower level, specifically, my ELL students, I used a
You Tube video of a woman reading this text.  It shows the book and shows her turning the pages so it's a good tool for those kiddos who may have trouble reading the text independently. I let them listen to me read, but when I dismissed the class to read the text again, I put them on the computer with headphones to listen again and follow along.  This is also the group that I then worked with to answer the text dependent questions.

I thought about letting everyone listen to the you tube version instead of me, BUT, I was pretty sure most of them would watch the lady read instead of following along.  I'm not that interesting so if I read, they'll follow along.  That option may be more desirable to you, but just make sure the students are actually reading along with her.  

  Reflection: Adaptation
  ELL Students: Reflection: Adaptation
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The Story of Ruby Bridges

Unit 15: The Story of Ruby Bridges
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Objective: SWBAT read a text and answer text dependent questions to demonstrate their understanding of the text.

Big Idea: Students must be able to independently read a text and answer comprehension questions to demonstrate their understanding.

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