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The website from which I got the passage for this assessment also has passages at other grade levels.  You could, if you wanted to, printout passages that match your students' reading abilities.  I only tested my above level students on different passages because on my district's standards based report cards, students can only earn an "above grade level" rating is if they complete above grade level work.  

As far as my below grade readers go, I went ahead and tested them on the 4th grade passage. In order to meet their needs, I have them practice on below grade level passages in small group, but assess them on grade level passages.  I want to build confidence in their ability and understand the concept, but for grade reporting, I want them to know what 4th grade work looks like and what they need to work toward.  

  Reflection: Differentiation
  ELL Students: Reflection: Differentiation
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Character Trait Final Assessment

Unit 13: Let It Snow!! Analyzing Snowflake Bentley
Lesson 13 of 13

Objective: SWBAT read a fictional text, identify characters' traits and support them with textual evidence.

Big Idea: Being able to identify a character's traits is a foundational skill to understanding fictional texts.

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