Reflection: Safety Creating a Second Draft by Concentrating on Word Choice - Section 1: Active Engagement #1


When doing this activity, I thought about doing a funeral for said and then writing an obituary or creating a tombstone, but I knew that could bring up bad memories for my students of someone they know who has passed. I know that some of my students have experienced loss in their lives and I wanted to be sure I was sensitive with that. Therefore, I concentrated on the life a garden brings rather than the death of a word part.

  Being Sensitive to My Students
  Safety: Being Sensitive to My Students
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Creating a Second Draft by Concentrating on Word Choice

Unit 9: Drafting, Finalizing and Celebrating Our Persuasive Essays
Lesson 6 of 15

Objective: SWBAT write a second draft of an essay in order to practice thoughtful word choice.

Big Idea: Pick a flower from the garden variety of words.

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garden variety of words
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