Reflection: Relevance Division: Quiz 1: Assessing division of 2,3, &4 digit by one digit divisors - Section 1: Warm Up: Baked Apples and Carrots


As I was talking to my students about recipes about apples and healthy foods to eat, I thought about how my students were engaged with talking about wanting to try foods. When the student asked for a recipe, I would really like to think that they will be using recipes.

The CCSS brings in an emphasis on real life application. The simplicity and joy of creating delicious food is dependent on mathematics and I find it wonderful that we are bringing in things like recipes to our curriculum through CCSS.

My students could clearly see that if they needed less food, they would have to divide the recipe proportionately. They understood the comparison. We talked about why we couldn't just leave the 1/2 of a tsp of nutmeg alone and just throw a little less in to avoid messing with a fraction. They are afraid of fractions. It is comfortable to divide whole numbers. But multiply or divide a fraction? That gets itchy.

I told them the truth. I told them that if there was a little more nutmeg in the recipe it wouldn't ruin it.But, I also told them if they were baking and it called for yeast or baking powder that makes cakes and breads rise, that it would matter. Nutmeg tastes can be overpowering, but yeast and baking powder affect the actual product from turning out at all.They also needed to understand science with their cooking.

I highly recommend incorporating recipes into your lessons to teach health, incorporate chemistry, and help them understand how to multiply and divide to make portions larger and smaller.


  Cooking and Math
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Division: Quiz 1: Assessing division of 2,3, &4 digit by one digit divisors

Unit 9: Division Unit
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Objective: SWBAT show they can divide up to 4 digits by one digit and explain the relationship between division and multiplication.

Big Idea: Students write solutions to 2, 3, & 4 digit by one digit equations using rectangular sections (box) method. They show and explain the relationship between division and multiplication.

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