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I did not notice the word spelled differently in this powerpoint until I had looked at it right before the lesson!

So.. the choice is... scramble and find a new one or challenge the kids?  Of course, I chose the challenge. I have high expectations for my kids, especially when you challenge them to find something wrong with someone else's work.  I told them before I started the powerpoint that there was a word with an English spelling that was different that ours and asked them to see if they could find it.  They REALLY paid attention and several kids found it before I even got through reading the slide.

  Perseverance: Can the kids catch it? - spelling difference
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Break It - Use Syllables in Writing

Unit 8: Vocabulary within Informational Text
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT read regularly spelled two-syllable words with long vowels and show how to divide them in writing.

Big Idea: How can we deepen our understanding of syllables and use them to make our writing better?

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English / Language Arts, Special Education, Reading, Writing, Nonfiction (Reading), 2nd Grade, syllables, convention, informational text
  55 minutes
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