Reflection: Essay Writing Revising and Refining the Rough Draft - Section 3: Verb is the Word


This may have been the most powerful 20 minutes of the week. I could actually see light bulbs turning on above their heads. I witnessed students truly analyzing their writing, working to make it stronger, not longer. It drives me crazy when students repeat themselves, practically verbatim, or add extra words (like very) just to take up more space on the page. During this activity, I felt like I was watching the complete opposite: their language and focus told me that they had made a step forward and were no longer trying to write more, but were trying to write better. I am starting to get excited about reading these essays.

  Tightening Writing
  Essay Writing: Tightening Writing
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Revising and Refining the Rough Draft

Unit 6: Great Expectations: The Final Assessment
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT develop and strengthen writing by editing and revising the rough draft of an essay about Great Expectations.

Big Idea: Writing with purpose takes a long time. We're going to make that time meaningful.

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