Reflection: Perseverance It's Snow Descriptive! Writing Day for Descriptive Sketch - Section 3: Writing Lab Work: Drafting Time


Inevitably, students will spend time discussing their work as they write, in addition to doing the actual writing. Today, most of the conversations were very, impressively, complimentary, as they provided effective peer feedback and made suggestions to each other. 

Many of my students were over-whelmed with the directions to this assignment; although they have used descriptive details in writing before, without the structure of a five-paragraph-essay that many of them have grown accustomed to, there was a lot of initial panic. In particular, they struggled with what to do with the simile they were to incorporate into the writing. I will admit--the number of students who asked questions that were specified on the prompt makes me question how many of them bothered to read the assignment critically, as they were asked to do for homework. As a result, I found myself repeating many of the same ideas to class, so I ended up making the video "Clarification.MOV" at the end of the first class and uploading it to the online grade book, so students could check if they were feeling confused, either in class today on or their own at home. Additionally, when students get their rough drafts back to make revisions, I will provide them with a model of effective descriptive writing.

However, I did take a moment to compliment them on their focus today--once they got to work, they were incredible at crafting their descriptions.  


  Providing Clarity: Dealing With Overwhelmed Students
  Perseverance: Providing Clarity: Dealing With Overwhelmed Students
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It's Snow Descriptive! Writing Day for Descriptive Sketch

Unit 10: Literacy: The Reality of It All--Realism in the American Story
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate understanding of figurative language to convey a vivid picture of a moment in time by drafting a descriptive sketch.

Big Idea: It's cold! How cold is it? It's as cold as the similes the students used to describe the weather!

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