Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Model Video Arguments - Section 3: Individual Work Time/Teacher Consultations


I was pleased to see that they are all going to use video.  I’ve been working hard all year to de-emphasize grades and be very clear about the evaluation process so they feel comfortable to take risks in their work in order to learn.  Some things I’ve done for this:  I will input scores for homework in the electronic grade book, but only count ones that are summative toward a final grade, explaining that the idea is to get feedback for practice first to be clear of the skills first; appeal to their proximity to college and wanting to do well by saying things like “I can’t force you to think about what unfamiliar vocabulary means in context, but by using the tools you’ve learned you’ll get more efficient at it;” one on one meetings and consulting time in class with every major project to provide consistent feedback; make sure every major writing assignment has an option for re-writing—most students don’t take this option, but I think psychologically it takes some pressure off; be open about my teaching decisions, for example, I explained to students that when we start practicing the “40-minute essay” for AP, they will re-write it the next day so they can see what edits they would have made, training their mind to think that way the first time.  It would have been very easy for the students to choose a poster-type route for this; the fact that they all seem excited about the project and what they are going to create tells me that they are engaged in the ideas rather than figuring out how they can do this to get the best grade, which is exciting to me.  Of course, we’ll see what the final products look like!!!

  Taking Risks
  Intrinsic Motivation: Taking Risks
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Model Video Arguments

Unit 9: Writing Arguments
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Objective: SWBAT recognize the variety of ways visuals are used rhetorically in a video argument by analyzing previously viewed arguments.

Big Idea: Everything in a frame of video should be a conscious decision for building an argument.

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