Reflection: Checks for Understanding "Show and Tell": The Relationship of Visuals and Language in Argument - Section 2: Exploring the Interaction of Language and Pictures


The students were a little lifeless today (perhaps because of finals???); we read out loud with each student taking a turn, and the more vocal students participated out of habit, but it was difficult to tell whether the class as a whole was understanding the nuanced differences McCloud writes about regarding visuals and language.  I kind of plowed through because I wanted to have time to explain the assignment, but I wish I had asked them to free-write their understanding of the concepts to get a better read on their understanding, or maybe have all the students read the piece silently and respond to make sure they were all engaged.  My sense from know all of them so well is that they probably understood more than I think they did, and they were simply tired from studying for finals.  I will likely get a better read on this tomorrow when I show some model videos and ask them to write down observations.

  Could Have Used a Free-write
  Checks for Understanding: Could Have Used a Free-write
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"Show and Tell": The Relationship of Visuals and Language in Argument

Unit 9: Writing Arguments
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT recognize the variety of ways language and visuals work together to create arguments.

Big Idea: Visuals can be used to develop rich arguments in a variety of ways; the key is being understanding which way is most appropriate for your purpose.

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