Reflection: Student Ownership CPCTC and Isosceles Triangles - Section 3: Discussion: Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles


It has been my experience over the years that students love to use CPCTC as a reason in proofs, regardless of the statement to which they are attaching it. I therefore spend a good deal of time throughout this unit asking Corresponding parts of what?? Over and over again, I ask students to explain to me and to their classmates what is required when using CPCTC, emphasizing that they must first have congruent triangles, in order to use this as a reason in their proofs. 

  Avoiding Random Use of CPCTC
  Student Ownership: Avoiding Random Use of CPCTC
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CPCTC and Isosceles Triangles

Unit 5: Polygons and Congruent Triangle Proofs
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Objective: SWBAT apply CPCTC in proofs, and solve proofs and numerical problems involving isosceles triangles.

Big Idea: Students continue to explore congruent triangles, focusing on corresponding parts and angle and side relationships in isosceles triangles.

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