Reflection: Exit Tickets Writing and Solving Equations - Section 4: Closure and Ticket to Go


I collected the tickets to go to see what students understood about translating algebraic expressions and equations as well as what gaps in understanding they had.  I corrected the tickets to go and grouped them in the following way:


These students struggled to model a situation with an expression.  Often they were able to recognize that the answer to problem 3c was 7 hours, but their expression and equation did not match.  This particular student created the equation “12 + h  = 84” and then added 12 seven times to get 84.  She did not see the disconnect between her answer of 7 hours and her own equation.  Another common struggle was that students could create an expression, but did not know how to make it into an equation.

Approaching Mastery: 

These students were able to create an expression to model most situations, but they usually made one mistake either writing their equation or answer 1c.  Some students just copied their expression without creating an equation.  Other students created an equation including the answer 7, rather than “h”.  Other students made a mistake answering problem 1c.  This particular student made a mistake dividing and said that 9 x 12 = 81.  It is clear that she understands the algebra concepts in this lesson, but needs extra practice on her multiplication and division facts.


These students were able to correctly model situations with expressions and solve equations.  They also understand the difference between an expression and an equation.

For this situation, I did not include an “advanced” category because the content did not require students to explain or analyze their work.   Most students were in the proficient and approaching mastery category.  For the few students who were novices, they will be in a group together during the next lesson.  I will work with their group to address the issues I’ve noticed from this ticket to go.  I will also pass back the tickets to go to students so they can see and correct their work.

  Exit Tickets: Looking at Exit Tickets
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Writing and Solving Equations

Unit 6: Expressions, Equations, & Inequalities
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Objective: SWBAT: • Write an algebraic equation that fits a given situation. • Solve a one-step algebraic equation.

Big Idea: Paul Pierce made 14 more points than Kevin Garnett. Let k represent Kevin Garnett’s points. Write an expression to show how many points Pierce made. If Pierce made 26 points, how many points did Garnett make? Students work on writing and solving equat

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