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This went well, and I was impressed that the kids remembered parts of it later in the year.  I wouldn't even have realized it, but we did a writing activity with a setting of somewhere in Washington, D.C.  Many chose the places I mentioned in the Artifact Share and for those who "went to the Capitol" they talked about when they were on the House Floor, just as I had described it to them during the Artifact Share.

I was disappointed that none of my students went anywhere historic over a break during the school year because I wanted to add their Artifact Share to this lesson.  I have no doubt that it will be fun to experience, no matter when a future student shares their trip.

  Artifact Share
  Student Feedback: Artifact Share
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Artifact Share

Unit 16: Speaking and Listening Practice
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: TSWBAT listen to a speaker and take notes to summarize information about the artifacts that were shared.

Big Idea: Visiting significant places in our country and world is something to share!

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English / Language Arts, summary (Composition Basics), sharing, word choice, summarizing, artifacts, discussions
  60 minutes
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