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Students had a REALLY great time playing Hollywood Squares.  They get so excited over seeing their favorite stars that they forget they are solving math problems! This activity also gives me a chance to talk with the kids about a variety of topics - for example, Justin Beiber came up (I used to have his picture in my game when we played earlier in the year) - so it was a great opportunity for me to talk about making good decisions, and how I wasn't going to promote someone that acts the way he does.  It allows me to kind of get my values across without being obvious.  I know the kids look up to me, so I try to set a good example whenever possible!

  Hollywood Squares
  Joy: Hollywood Squares
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Unit 6: Equations
Lesson 16 of 22

Objective: Students will be able to solve and graph inequalities with one variable.

Big Idea: Why do we graph the solution to an inequality? This lesson investigates inequalities and their graphs.

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