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From past experiences with my students, I have learned that sometimes teachers do not make a clear connection between fractions and division.  Some students do not know that fractions are division problems.  From the very beginning of our fraction unit, I made that direct connection for my students.  Whenever I ask them about the line between the numerator and denominator, they know that it means to "divide."  By learning this connection early in the fraction unit,  it helps the students gain that concrete understanding of fractions.  In this lesson, the students must understand that a whole number divided by 1 is still that same whole number.  This makes it a little easier for the students to understand that you can multiply a unit fraction and a whole number to get a multiple of the unit fraction.

  Connecting Fractions and Division
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Connecting Fractions and Division
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Using Shapes to Model Fractions as Multiples of Unit Fractions

Unit 1: Fractions
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Objective: SWBAT model multiplying whole numbers and unit fractions to get a multiple of the unit fraction.

Big Idea: A unit fraction is a fraction with a numerator of 1. Fractions are multiples of unit fractions.

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