Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Propaganda Techniques Lesson 1: How Does Propaganda Include Argumentation and Persuasion? - Section 2: Building Knowledge Around Argument, Persuassion, and Propaganda


I could not have asked of anything more from my students than the participation I received from them in this lesson. All activities in this lesson fostered learning led by students to gain understandings about events of World War II. Since students learned about this historical event in grade 7, I wanted to spend class time interacting students with ways that perspectives of war were display through visual representations. Because most of class time was spent on the 3 Venn Diagram activity, students were not able to fully discuss all propaganda posters in the power point. However, what they were able to cover allowed them to begin understanding how stilled images and words impacted behaviors and opinions of people during this time.

  Connecting to What Students Know Reflection
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Connecting to What Students Know Reflection
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Propaganda Techniques Lesson 1: How Does Propaganda Include Argumentation and Persuasion?

Unit 4: Risking it All
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Objective: SWBAT explain the advantages and disadvantages of using propaganda as a form of persuasion or argument to influence behaviors during World War II.

Big Idea: Post that perspective of War over here: Analyzing the use of propaganda during WWII.

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