Reflection: High Expectations Thinking About Our Introductory Sentences - Section 4: Independent Practice


      I was so surprised with the quality of my student's work.  Their introductory sentences were amazing.  The kicker is that I'm surprised that I'm surprised.  What I'm asking my students to do is rigorous and I set high expectations for them.  As we were going through the guided practice part of the lesson, I knew they were struggling with what a riddle was so I thought they wouldn't want to choose that as a way to make an introductory sentence.  Several students did want to try a riddle and they didn't do a bad job either.  There are days when you feel so successful as a teacher because students are hitting the mark that you set for them and today was one of those days.  There are many times that we do underestimate our students and think they can't attain the goals we set for them.  My students have proved me wrong at every turn this year.  I am realizing this more each day.

  My Students Surprised Me
  High Expectations: My Students Surprised Me
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Thinking About Our Introductory Sentences

Unit 4: Analyzing Author's Craft and Expository Writing on Crabs
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT create introductory sentences in different ways.

Big Idea: Students will learn a variety of ways of making introductory sentences so they can pick and choose how they want to start their stories.

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