Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Meeting of the Minds: In Character Small Group Discussion - Section 4: Wrap Up and Next Steps


As I wandered around the class today, I paused a few times to chat with kids about their discussions and recommendations.

I was really pleased with some of the ideas they were settling on. One group said that the most important/priority recommendation they would give any leadership in times of change is to slow down everything down so that change can happen in a well-thought out and planned way. I pushed them a little bit to ask if this was a practical suggestion and asked them to think about our own time. I asked if there was anything similar to the Industrial Revolution, that had perhaps not been handled elegantly, in our time. They immediately started to talk about the Technological Revolution that is happening currently. I asked them how slowing down development of ideas would help those who are living in this time of change and growth. They said that the fast paced ideas and development of new things was great for consumers, but not great for workers.

While we weren't able to solve this problem in the course of the five minutes we chatted, I did decide to change my final reflection question to see what other groups thought about this idea. They were much more engaged with their final written reflections and I feel more confident that they were able to define a conceptual understanding (the costs and benefits of change) than would have come if I had just had them summarize their group discussions. Pretty amazing what students can do if we let their thinking lead our instruction.

  Changing the Last Question in Class
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Changing the Last Question in Class
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Meeting of the Minds: In Character Small Group Discussion

Unit 12: Informational Text: Craft and Structure Analysis
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: SWBAT come to discussion prepared to present diverse perspectives about costs and benefits of industrialization by taking on the persona of Industrial Age thinkers and writers.

Big Idea: To truly understand how perspective influences writing, students will take on the persona of Industrial Age thinkers...and discuss their ideas for how to make the process of change more fluid.

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