Reflection: ELL Students The Golden Lion Tamarin Comes Home: What's the Relationship Between Animals and Their Habitat? - Section 1: Cue Set


This is a great ELL strategy, but ALL of my scholars needed to watch this video twice today.  They were so interested in the golden lion tamarins that they just wanted to watch and learn the first time.  The second time, we paused three times and jotted down what we learned about the golden lion tamarin and their habitat.  Then, we asked ourselves the question, "How are these two ideas related?"  Scholars did VERY well and were super successful watching the video twice!  I would definitely recommend watching twice!!! 

  Needed to watch more than once!
  ELL Students: Needed to watch more than once!
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The Golden Lion Tamarin Comes Home: What's the Relationship Between Animals and Their Habitat?

Unit 8: Animal Encounters - Part I
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT use quotes to describe the relationship between two or more concepts in a text.

Big Idea: Relationships are complicated - this doesn't have to be!

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