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In today's Do Now, students found the perpendicular bisector in two ways: algebraically and as a construction on a coordinate plane.  Once we had plotted the points, we constructed the perpendicular bisector and then reviewed how we could use the y-intercept and possibly x-intercept (along with the slope) to write an equation of this line.  It really was an "Ah-Ha" moment for many of students, once they realized that we could graphically and algebraically find the same equation using different methods, particularly with one of them being a construction method.

This student example, Perpendicular Bisector Example, shows how I extended this Do Now to challenge students and also help them make connections with prior knowledge.  If you plan on extending this activity, make sure to have graph paper handy and also you may want to ask a student or pair of students to lead the entire class through a general review of constructing perpendicular bisectors.  For example, you could draw a line on the chalkboard and then ask a student volunteer(s) to come up and show how to create a perpendicular bisector using a protractor and straight-edge.  Then, you can direct students to construct a perpendicular bisector for the line LM like in this example. 


  High Quality Task: Making Connections
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Review for MidTerm

Unit 7: MidTerm Materials
Lesson 1 of 2

Objective: Students will review key topics in Geometry curriculum including proofs with parallelograms and perpendicular bisectors.

Big Idea: Around the world time! Students will travel around the classroom to review and then present their review questions to each other for review!

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