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In activities like today's Around the World practice, I like to change our actual classroom setting.  Since it's January, we can't go outside and use the football field or track field but I did sign out rooms in the library for one of my classes.  Both groups of students really were excited and more interested in participating in an activity that is not just based in the classroom. 

Another suggestion, especially for teachers in cold settings, is the school gym.  When you tell students that we'll be in the gym doing an activity they go crazy!  Moreover, it works as a great incentive for keeping students on task.  When we last went to the gym, I asked a gym teacher for a set of basketballs, and told students that we could have a shoot off at the end of the block.  All of my students who typically have a hard time focusing were on point, the entire block!  They didn't want to lose an opportunity to engage in the shoot-out. 

Overall, I often find that by offering a 5 minute incentive, my students are focused and motivated for the other 75 minutes of class.  This strategy also could work as an end of week incentive for teachers who have shorter periods.   

  Alternate Locations for Activity
  Transitions: Alternate Locations for Activity
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Review for MidTerm

Unit 7: MidTerm Materials
Lesson 1 of 2

Objective: Students will review key topics in Geometry curriculum including proofs with parallelograms and perpendicular bisectors.

Big Idea: Around the world time! Students will travel around the classroom to review and then present their review questions to each other for review!

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