Reflection: High Expectations Putting Together the Puzzle of History: Jigsaw Reading and Reporting - Section 2: Jigsaw Reading & Reporting: A Continuation


My students know that I have high expectations of them, and usually rise to the occasion, mostly. But, I am certainly willing to assist with explaining when they get confused. In one group, presenting on notable writing of the Civil War, students drew an idea from the reading on the Civil War period, "African Americans were the most powerful", but the students did not provide necessary context. We stopped for a few minutes in order to ensure the missing information could be looked up, and it was a member of the group that located and presented the missing detail regarding African American power, "Slave narratives by African Americans were the most powerful writings of the Civil War period." See: IMG_3006I could have interjected and offered the correct information, but I was able to model inquiry and asking for clarification, as well as encouraging the students to seek the answers themselves.

  High Expectations: Missing Details and Clarity of Presentation
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Putting Together the Puzzle of History: Jigsaw Reading and Reporting

Unit 10: Literacy: The Reality of It All--Realism in the American Story
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Objective: SWBAT clearly present strong and thorough textual evidence in order to demonstrate an understanding of an informational text's main idea about historical context of The Civil War and The Gilded Age.

Big Idea: Fitting together history's pieces to understand the literature's mystery and context.

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