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Each time I have to be out for one of our district meetings, I will always create a lesson video to help assist the substitute teacher and continue the learning process for the students.  I leave the guest teacher with notes on when to pause the video, how long should be given for each task, and whether or not the students should be working independently or with groups.  

The video is created with a web program called screecast-o-matic.  It's a great tool to use to ensure that everyone is getting the most out of their learning day. 

Additionally, with the implementation of common core, many of our substitutes are unaware of the changes that have taken place within the classroom.  The video is a learning tool for them as well.  


Video for sub.

  Learning Communities: What to do in case you have a sub!
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Are We Alike?

Unit 6: Expressions
Lesson 10 of 14

Objective: SWBAT combine like terms and simplify expressions with multiple terms and variables.

Big Idea: Combining like terms and simplifying expressions is the precursor to solving equations

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