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My district follows text book curriculum that has been aligned to the common core. It is important to note that daily, I need to supplement activities and lessons to ensure that I am addressing the entire standard.  

Graphing patterns is a large component of standard 5.OA.3. that never appears in the text.  I have added this lesson, and other supplemental activities, to fill this gap. Resources for this part of the standard are readily available online and in older textbooks.  

For this lesson, I literally cut and pasted graphs, tables, and patterns from numerous resources.  I chose to use graphs that did not increase on the x and y axis by 1.  This was to make the students stop and think before automatically plotting.  The scales for these graphs can be adjusted to make the work more challenging, or accessible.

  Addressing the whole standard
  Standards Alignment: Addressing the whole standard
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Graphing Patterns

Unit 1: Numerical Expressions and Patterns
Lesson 10 of 13

Objective: SWBAT represent a pattern on a line graph by graphing ordered pairs.

Big Idea: A picture is worth a thousand words. A graph communicates a great deal of information about a pattern.

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