Reflection: Quizzes Ratio Assessment (6.RP.1,6.RP.3a,6.RP.3d) - Section 3: Assessment


There were several problems on the assessment that the students had difficulty with that I did not anticipate.

1.)  In problem #5, the students had a difficult time with the word "each". The problem reads "Each car can carry 3 suitcases. Write this ratio in fraction form.  They came up saying that there was not two numbers for the ratio.  To get the students thinking about this problem, I told them to draw a picture to represent this situation.  Most students were able to get this correct. 

2.) Problems 7 and 8 gave the students trouble.  The students I have this year are low in ability.  I did not anticipate that they would not undertand what a deck of cards looked like.  I tried to verbally explain the suits in a deck of cards.  The problem told them there were 52 cards in a deck.  As a last resort, I showed them a visual to help them understand the making of a deck of cards. 

3.) In problem 10, I will modify this question.  It would have been better to give them less numbers in the table.  Only use 1,2,3,4 as side lenghts.  Then the problem can be scaffolded to meet the needs of different learners by have students predict what the Perimeter of a square would be with side lenghts of 5 or 6.  Students that work at a higher level can find the in between numbers as they have a little better number sense.  They could find 3.5, 4.5 and so on. 


I graded this quiz out of 22 points.  Questions 1 - 8 were worth one point each. 

Question 9: 5 points, 1 for each missing number

Question 10: 4 points, 1 point table, 1 point graph, and 1 point each for A and B.

Question 11: 2 points, Label and diagram

Question 12: 3 points, Label, order on the number line, and solution.

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Ratio Assessment (6.RP.1,6.RP.3a,6.RP.3d)

Unit 3: Ratios and Proportions
Lesson 10 of 25

Objective: SWBAT use ratio/rates appropriately when solving real-world and mathematical problems.

Big Idea: An open-ended assessment using ratios and rates.

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