Reflection: Rigor Chapter 17: Dear Diary - Section 1: Starter


As I type this lesson, months after the fact, I find myself reflecting on a missed opportunity.  When asking students if they could predict what Tom and the boys might do next, I could have had them find a piece of textual evidence to support their prediction.  When I add that piece, I feel as though the lesson would also address RL 7.1 as well.

This is what I find so engaging about the Core.  Even when a lesson is seemingly well thought out and well executed, there is always an opportunity to go deeper.  Because the Core is about depth rather than breadth, I find myself working to make each lesson more than it has been before.  I'm not focused on rushing through one concept to get to the next.

Reflection is such a powerful tool.  I can't wait to have the opportunity to teach this lesson, and so may others, again to see how much more depth my students and I can wade through together!

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  Rigor: More Opportunities for Rigor
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Chapter 17: Dear Diary

Unit 9: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Get Exciting!
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT analyze different points of view by writing fictional diary entries.

Big Idea: How would it feel to be Tom, Huck, or Aunt Polly at the funeral?

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