Reflection: Student Grouping How Do We Learn? - Section 3: Group Work: Finding our Common Thread


There was something really exciting about this lesson. It came together nicely. I think there was a certain level of unexpected connection that came from this group work activity. The group members understood that they were innately similar and were able to talk about their learning style in an open and honest way. They saw their peers in a new light: you're like me! I never realized we learned the same way.

I saw some new friendships form after this activity, which as a middle school teacher, is very rewarding.

  Student Grouping: Bonding
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How Do We Learn?

Unit 7: Brain Power! Non-Fiction Study of the Human Brain
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: SWBAT use their independent research to meet in groups and discuss their learning style.

Big Idea: How do we learn? Students will work with others that share their learning style to come up with three ways they learn best, as well as successful learning experiences from their past.

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