Reflection: Student Feedback Sinusoidal Project Day 3 or 3 - Section 1: Completion of project


This spreadsheet is from a survey I did at the end of the project. The responses give me an idea of how the project went.

I noticed that some students learned what the parameters of the equation general equation meant and how the parameters changed the graph.  The last response is interesting since it talks about helping but not "Babying us."

For students that missed the first day of the project. I gave students the directions and had their partner go over the project. I checked in with the students to make sure they understood.

I noticed that some students did not like having the students catch them up.  I need to find a way to make these students more independent since they will be moving away from high school in the next couple of years. 

I see that most of the students liked doing this project.  I know that some students want a lot of examples this usually means they want to be told exactly what to do and then just follow the process without thinking.  By only putting out a few examples, I could see which students understood sinusoidal functions and which did not.  I also did not want to limit the possibilities. As an example I would say that precipitation is probably not very sinusoidal. I did have a group that started looking at the temperature in the Brazilian Rain Forest. They immediately noticed that the temperature was not sinusoidal but that the precipitation was sinusoidal.  The group was excited with this discovery.


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Sinusoidal Project Day 3 or 3

Unit 8: Graphing Trigonometric Functions
Lesson 13 of 13

Objective: SWBAT find a curve of best fit and analyze the key features of the model for the situation.

Big Idea: How does the midline, period, and amplitude describe my data?

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