Reflection: Trust and Respect Thematic Focus and Those Who Don't - Section 2: A Closer Look At "Those Who Don't"


As I expected, my students were ready with personal anecdotes about stereotyping, both as victims and as perpetrators.  While I acknowledge that most of my students have built relationships of trust and respect with each other over the years they have been together as students, I do think that beginning the year with an emphasis on using accountable talk in our classroom discourse contributes to my students' willingness to share personal stories and experiences. 

This lesson can blossom in many directions, and I would encourage teachers to explore the theme of stereotyping to whatever degree seems relevant to your students.  Though it will pause our progression through The House on Mango Street for a couple of days, I plan to explore a few non-fiction essays/articles that delve further into the consequences of stereotyping.  Not only will this give me an opportunity to further flesh out an important theme in the text, but it also provides a relatively seamless means to incorporate one of the key shifts in the CCSS, that of balancing fictional text with non-fiction text.

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Thematic Focus and Those Who Don't

Unit 3: House on Mango Street Part II
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Objective: SWBAT read the vignette "Those Who Don't" from The House on Mango Street and write about and discuss the theme of stereotyping inherent in the vignette.

Big Idea: "Those Who Don't" helps shape "Students Who Do" detect a theme in The House on Mango Street.

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