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I chose to have the students do the whole, half, and fourths first because they are easily identifiable and easily connected to each other, as are the thirds and sixths.  We discussed that folding in half is essentially doubling the number of equal pieces.  

The folding of the thirds is a different skill from working from a half, so I am glad we did the thirds afterwards, as I had to help all of then with the fold.  When you try this, be sure to leave time to show this kind of fold and have patience for the little hands of an 8 year old to perfect it.

I also realized during the lesson that having the poster organized the way I did helped the students more readily see the equal fractions because the fourths were not isolated from the halves and eighths by the thirds.

I also did not put in the fifths for this lesson for the same reason.  It is not a benchmark fraction and I wanted this resource to be useful in the later lesson for comparing larger fractional pieces. 

  Lesson Planning: Thirds and Sixths Last
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Building Fractions Using Units

Unit 6: Unit Fractions
Lesson 2 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to identify and represent unit fractions.

Big Idea: Children need many opportunities to create and identify what is an equal part of a whole and be able to make meaning of that knowledge. This lesson is a springboard for the critical area of fractions.

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