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It was very important for me to model the recording in this activity so that it was meaningful. Students got to be creative with their designs, but then they had to find ways to find area when they had a lot of smaller parts to their design. I think when I teach this lesson again I will include questions like ‘how many square units of tile will you need to cover your bathroom? How many square units of carpet will you need for your bedroom?’ etc so that I reinforce the fact that the area of the room is the total space it takes up and you will need the exact amount of tile, carpet etc in order to cover that space. I feel that reinforces the real world relevance of knowing and understanding area and how they will could it.

  Real World Applications: Extension
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Design Your Dream House

Unit 9: Measurement and Data
Lesson 6 of 13

Objective: SWBAT design a dream house and determine the area and perimeter of the spaces

Big Idea: Area and perimeter come alive when you design your own space

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