Reflection: Famous Father Kino - Section 2: Reading Two Texts


To help make the note taking process seem easier, I will have student create a T Chart on lined paper. They will label each side, book and article. As they read, they can jot down notes that correspond to each side. 

To make this process more fun, I will put students into pairs. I think the best would be to pair students that can be of most benefit to each other as a team. One student will read their book and take notes, while the other reads the article and takes notes. Then they will switch and do the process over with the other text. 

Afterward the pair can compare their notes, and share the facts they determined most important. This will my students with special needs. They will be able to determine what was important and have someone to talk to about their thinking, reading, and writing. 

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Famous Father Kino

Unit 20: Reading and Writing with Two Texts
Lesson 1 of 2

Objective: SWBAT read and compare two texts about the same famous Arizona missionary Father Kino gathering facts from both to write an informative response.

Big Idea: Father Kino is a famous Arizona figure who is our representative statue in Washington DC, but who was he? Students will learn about him and write about why they think he is our representative.

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English / Language Arts, Arizona, annotation, history, Ipads, Writing Response, Father Kino
  37 minutes
father kino
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