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What I would change about this lesson is teaching beyond the meaning of the prefix. For example, I taught students that since un- means not, unhappy means not happy. Re- means again, therefore restate means to state again. As result, students gave the pat definitions of words as unlock means to not lock. Undo means to not do. The latter definition does not necessarily match the meaning of the word. To take students beyond such simplistic definitions, I would present synonyms as definitions. For example, I would present sad as a definition of unhappy. 

  Going Beyond the Meaning
  Adjustments to Practice: Going Beyond the Meaning
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Prefixes: un-, re-

Unit 5: Affixes
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Objective: SWBAT use prefixes, un- and re-, to decipher and change the meaning of words.

Big Idea: Students learn the meaning of prefixes and how they change the meaning of base words.

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