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The students get so excited about the idea of reaching a goal that most of them would like to flash forward and try to do 40 minutes the next day. I strongly discourage that though because part of this process is about setting a goal and taking steps to reach it. Building stamina happens over time not over night and it is important for students to understand that. Now I continue to introduce new strategies and teach new lessons each day over the next couple of weeks but I continue to mention stamina and get the kids excited to add 5 minutes each day. By the time we get to 40 minutes, the students never complain about how long it feels. Instead, they feel pride that it's "so easy" to do and they want more time! They always ask if we can try an hour but I explain to them that as much as I would love to read all day, we have other subjects that we need to get to.  My class just recently reached our goal and they are thrilled. Our Independent Reading time flows so smoothly now and I hope it will for the rest of the year. 

  We did it!
  We did it!
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Building Stamina - Training for a Marathon...of Reading

Unit 2: Reader's Workshop Management
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Objective: SWBAT build their stamina so they can read for a long period of time without interruption.

Big Idea: Just as runners need to train for a marathon, students need to train and build their stamina so they can sustain their reading and focus for a longer period of time.

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