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It's more than halfway through the year, and in this Do Now students are asked to review key concepts in algebra like evaluating expressions, distributive property and also solving equations.  This highlight a critical part of my class, the structure of the Do Now.  Each day my students come in take out their Do Now sheet and write the date, objective, homework and then complete the Do Now problem.   You can see in this second student example, Do Now - Student Work, shows that students are also required to show all work in completing this Do Now. 

 We just returned from a break and I always worry that my students will have a hard time getting focused and back into the routine of Geometry class.  In today's class, however, I was particularly struck at how this routine helped to engage my students from the first minute of class.  We do this each and every class, and even after not seeing my students for a week, they are accustomed to the practice!  They know how to start class, when to get focused and this led well into a wonderful lesson with lots of positive participation. 

  Student Ownership: Structuring the Start of Class
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Presenting Polygons

Unit 6: Pretty Polygons
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT identify polygons and determine the sum of the interior angles for polygons as well as each interior angle measure.

Big Idea: Tri, Quad, Pent, Hex ... learn the key vocabulary for polygon shapes and find interior angle measure for these pretty polygons!

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