Reflection: Adjustments to Practice State of the Union and Analyzing Speeches - Section 2: Application


The activity itself is a solid one.  The reason the students had difficulty is due to the speeches I selected.  I thought the Susan B. Anthony speech would be fascinating to them because she was arrested for voting and it's not difficult to understand the speech itself.  They could understand it, but finding the persuasion proved a little difficult, despite the reading level.

With the Veronica Roth speech, it was great to watch the video but the kids were more caught up with seeing a new favorite author speak, and although she was persuasive in her message about doing what you want even if others criticize, finding all three types of persuasion was a little challenging, which may have been due to them expecting to find examples about her books, and less about her personal experience.

I will simply find more appropriate speeches in the future.

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  Adjustments to Practice: What I Will Change
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State of the Union and Analyzing Speeches

Unit 10: Persuasion: Telling you like it is
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: TSWBAT analyze real life speeches to determine persuasive techniques used.

Big Idea: Presenting facts to change people's minds

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