Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Focus Wall - Section 1: Why Have a Focus Wall?


I realized that I was forgetting what I wanted to say to my students; this wasn't helpful to the learning environment in my classroom!  So, I did some searching and found out a little about Focus Walls.  I put one up in my classroom, but I didn't quite realize how awesome it was gong to be for me until I switched out the cards for the first time!
When I had to switch out the Focus Wall, I did it on a Monday morning when I was beginning a new until lesson for the week.  As I put up the Focus Wall elements, I talked through each piece as I did so; I was planning out my days as I did this without even thinking about it! 
As time has gone by, I realize that as I put the elements up, I plan the coming days; however, as I take the elements down, I also have begun to reflect on the past days.  This process has been so helpful for me and I am so thankful for my Focus Wall!

  Why is it important for teachers to do some specific things for themselves?
  Adjustments to Practice: Why is it important for teachers to do some specific things for themselves?
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Focus Wall

Unit 11: Ms. Smith's Personal Strategies and Tips
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Objective: SWBAT have a more structured day with the use of a focus wall.

Big Idea: Sometimes I need help to keep my focus... in order to help my students focus!

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