Reflection: Lesson Planning Literacy Center Rotations - Section 1: Why Centers?


I firmly believe that all teachers should have center plans; not to have something extra on their plates, but so they can meet the needs of their students more successfully.

For example, I know that my whole class is having trouble with medial vowels, so I am able to create a center that works on medial vowels- I can even check that it aligns with a standard!

I know that a specific group is in need of some handwriting help, so, I place them together and I add some extra tracing to their center rotations.

See!  Centers can be what you make of them.  You just have to know your students and then plan specifically for them.  I promise it pays off in the end!

Here is an example of my center plans.

  Lesson Planning: Centers need plans!
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Literacy Center Rotations

Unit 11: Ms. Smith's Personal Strategies and Tips
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT practice spiral review daily in literacy centers that cover their ELA standards.

Big Idea: If your centers run themselves, you can do something else!

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