Reflection: High Expectations Stick Up Your Standards! - Section 1: Why Stick Up Your Standards?


I believe that my students are a part of my learning community; without my proper guidance, they won't learn together!  So, since they need my guidance, I need to make sure that I do my very best to provide it for them. 
I always think of this:
If someone came in my house and said, "Hey, come get in the car with me..."
My first response would be, "Where are we going?"
If they didn't tell me, I wouldn't want to go.

The same thing goes for our students!
If we don't tell them where they are headed for the lesson, they won't want to go!

It is our job to create things, like "I Can Statements," so our students know our expectations and our learning goals ahead of time!

  Why is this so important for me?
  High Expectations: Why is this so important for me?
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Stick Up Your Standards!

Unit 11: Ms. Smith's Personal Strategies and Tips
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: With guidance and support, SWBAT listen to and create their own "I Can" Statements to guide their learning.

Big Idea: When you stick up your standards, they stick out in your mind!

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