Reflection: High Expectations Santa's Real or Nonsense Words - Section 1: Why Real or Nonsense?


It is absolutely imperative that our kindergarten students develop a conceptual understanding of CVC words- how to decode them, how to read them in context and how to write them.  An easy way for us to support this task it by giving our students as much practice with CVC knowledge as possible.  Letting students decode words and decide if they have meaning is a task that takes little planning but really helps students build a solid foundation for learning how to create, read and write longer words!

  Why this is crucial for kindergarteners!
  High Expectations: Why this is crucial for kindergarteners!
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Santa's Real or Nonsense Words

Unit 14: Holiday Happiness
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT distinguish between real and nonsense words by sounding them out.

Big Idea: Does it make sense; is it nonsense? You tell me!

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English / Language Arts, summary, spelling, words
  21 minutes
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