Reflection: Joy F is for Firetrucks and Fires with Friends - Section 1: Why F?


I truly believe that students must be able to learn in many mode and manners.  I feel that some students learn best through seeing, while others do through hearing, and other do through feeling; It is all very different for each learner!  With that being said, I try to make my basic lessons very flexible.  I try to add as many fun and exciting aspects to the lessons so that all students are able to find success and joy in each moment of new learning!  Even if I just let students take home a Fireball candy or sit in front of a fan on the first day I introduce F, I think that it is crucial that we help them make a connection! 

  Making Letter Sounds FUN!
  Joy: Making Letter Sounds FUN!
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F is for Firetrucks and Fires with Friends

Unit 8: Phonemic Awareness; the KEY to the door of reading!
Lesson 7 of 16

Objective: SWBAT pronounce the /f/ sound for capital F and lower-case f.

Big Idea: The more fun you make F, the easier it will be to bring your little friends' sounds to fruition!

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