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One of the ways I encourage students to really work at expressing their thoughts while completing the puzzles is by rewarding the most "productive" group with the opportunity to present the puzzle to their classmates.  Also, I usually take a picture of the group who has done the best job and I send a printed copy home with them!  Since I KNOW that puzzles can be meaningless, I do a lot to encourage students to really work their way through them and explain their thought process.  This is the main reason that Puzzles have the PLUS in my classroom!

  Extending Assessment and Practicing Speaking and Listening
  High Expectations: Extending Assessment and Practicing Speaking and Listening
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Puzzles Plus!

Unit 11: Ms. Smith's Personal Strategies and Tips
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT follow speaking and listening standards to display their knowledge of reading foundational skills as they enjoy "playing" puzzles.

Big Idea: Playing puzzles can teach a lot (actually)!

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