Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Help Me, Helpers! - Section 1: Why Have Helpers?


This method works for me because I make it important; to me and to my classroom.  I set my expectations high very early for my helpers.  This ensures that students who end up getting chosen each day do try hard to perform in their jobs and to follow rules and directions.  I make my helper titles "cool" so that makes the jobs "cool;" and this is why my students work so hard to keep my jobs.  This is an expectation and a "vibe" I set early in the year and that is what makes it work so well!

  Why This WORKS!
  Intrinsic Motivation: Why This WORKS!
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Help Me, Helpers!

Unit 11: Ms. Smith's Personal Strategies and Tips
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Objective: SWBAT correctly use tier-two vocabulary in their everyday life by using real-world scenarios to represent these words.

Big Idea: Having helpers truly helps them (and REALLY helps me)!

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